Lift Products, Inc. Datasheets for Pallet Jacks

Pallet jacks or pallet trucks are used to short-haul pallets or other large items of freight. A piston raises the load enough for the operator to maneuver the cargo; these devices may be derive power from manual, electric, or petrol sources. There are many further varieties.
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Product Name Notes
Maxx-Jack MJ55 Pallet Truck -- MJ55-N48
Maxx-Jack MJ55 Pallet Truck -- MJ55-W48
Maxx-Jack MJE30 Pallet Truck -- MJE30
Maxx-Jack MJE40 Pallet Truck -- MJE40
Pallet jacks are the workhorses of numerous industrial and warehousing applications. Many of the ergonomic innovations we manufacture would not be possible without a dependable pallet truck. It is with...