Lift Products, Inc. Datasheets for Dumpers, Tilters, and Inverters

Dumpers, tilters and inverters are used to reposition or empty material handling containers.
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Product Name Notes
LPBD Hydraulic Drum Dumper -- LPDD-010-36
LPBD Hydraulic Drum Dumper -- LPDD-010-48
LPBD Hydraulic Drum Dumper -- LPDD-010-60
LPBD Hydraulic Drum Dumper -- LPDD-015-36
LPBD Hydraulic Drum Dumper -- LPDD-015-48
LPBD Hydraulic Drum Dumper -- LPDD-015-60
Lift Products’ Hydraulic Drum Dumpers allow for safe and efficient drum dumping of a wide variety of drum sizes and heights. Constructed of heavy-gauge carbon steel with a powder coat...
Maxx-Ergo Tilter Manual Tote Tilter -- LPDW-20
Maxx-Ergo Tilter Manual Tote Tilter -- LPDW-25
Maxx-Ergo Tilter Manual Tote Tilter -- LPDW-30
The Maxx-Ergo Tilters are designed to tilt totes, containers, tubs, wire baskets, and boxes or anywhere where tilting will allow easier access to retrieving or placing parts into a container.
Maxx-Parts Tilter -- LPDW-PT-20
Maxx-Parts Tilter -- LPDW-PT-30
Maxx-Parts Tilter -- LPDW-PT-35
Maxx-Parts Tilter -- LPDW-PT-3A
The Maxx-Parts Tilters are designed to transport, tilt, dump, and dispense parts. The manual pump tilt is an economical solution to dispensing parts throughout a location with a chute lock...