Seaward Group USA Datasheets for Ground Resistance Testers

Ground resistance testers are devices that are used to measure and test electrical grounding systems. Grounding enables optimum electrical continuity between conducting objects and earth.
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Product Name Notes
Seaward -- Combi Compact Seaward's Combi Compact is an 'all in one' installation Tester with memory options. This all in one instrument has been specially designed to test in accordance with the 16th Edition,...
Seaward -- ELT-S The Seaward ELT-S is the next generation microprocessor-controlled instrument developed for earth loop resistance measurements. Ergonomically shaped for easy use and using the latest technology the instrument is the choice...
Seaward -- ERT-S The Seaward ERT-S is the next generation microprocessor-controlled instrument designed for earth resistance measurements, in accordance with EN61557, the new European Standard. The choice for professionals.