Electro-Lite Corporation Datasheets for Electrical and Electronic Resins

Electrical and electronic resins includes adhesives, greases, pads, stock shapes, tapes, encapsulants, potting compounds, thermal interface materials, and electrically conductive substances used in electrical, electronics, and semiconductor applications.
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Product Name Notes
ELC-2500 clear is a standard potting and encapsulating material. Also used to adhere and fixture. The adhesive is clear an enables the identification of specific board populations.
ELC-2728 is a semi-rigid tough material for tacking, wire bonding and gap filling.
ELC-2900 is a flexible conformal coating for PCB's and provides a flexible, reworkable finish for components and various substrates.
ELC-4481 optically transparent acrylic with a refractive index of 1.48 is an excellent material for use in fiber optics, lenses tacking and laser applications. Available in 300cps -- 5000cps --...