Trelleborg Offshore Datasheets for Plastic Plate, Rod, and Stock Shapes

Plastic plate, rod and stock shapes include shaped plastic parts and plastic stock. They are fabricated through various processes and available in many different forms and sizes.
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Product Name Notes
Syntactic Foam Composite -- Eccolite® Ultra
Syntactic Foam Composite -- Syntac® 350
Syntactic Foam Composite -- Syntac® 351
Syntactic Foam Composite -- Syntac® 450
Trelleborg Emerson & Cuming, Inc. pioneered the development and introduction of the first syntactic foam thermoforming material in 1981 and through a process of continuous investment and product development are...
Syntactic Foam -- DS-28
Syntactic Foam -- DS-30
Syntactic Foam -- DS-35
Syntactic Foam -- DS-39
Syntactic Foam -- EL-30
Syntactic Foam -- EL-34
Syntactic Foam -- EL-36
Syntactic Foam -- TG-24
Syntactic Foam -- TG-26
Syntactic Foam -- TG-28
Syntactic Foam -- VF-22
Syntactic Foam -- VF-25S
Syntactic Foam -- VF-38
Trelleborg Emerson & Cuming, Inc. produces four different types of syntactic foams to meet the broad range of requirements of its customers. Product names reflect the density of the foam...
Trelleborg Tooling Block -- EP650
Trelleborg Tooling Block -- EP671
Trelleborg Tooling Block -- EP678
Trelleborg Tooling Block -- TB 620
Trelleborg Tooling Block -- TB 650
Trelleborg Tooling Block -- TB-400
Trelleborg Tooling Block -- TB-610
Trelleborg Tooling Block -- TC-420
Trelleborg Tooling Block -- TC-460
Trelleborg Tooling Block -- TCP-450
Trelleborg has been manufacturing high performance tooling materials for more than 20 years. Through constant innovation and development, we have increased our range of epoxy-based tooling boards to cater for...