NETZSCH Pumps North America, LLC Datasheets for Sanitary Pumps

Sanitary pumps are used to transport and meter solutions, slurries, and colloids of food and agricultural materials in operations such as food processing that require cleanliness. There are four basic types of sanitary pumps: centrifugal, positive displacement, jet, and airlift.
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Product Name Notes
NEMO® Aseptic pumps are ideal for all pure and sterile pumping applications. NEMO® meets the most demanding aseptic requirements in the industry as well as 3A, FDA and EHEDG standards,...
NEMO® Sanitary pumps are suitable for CIP processes when provided with optional flushing connections. These pumps meet 3A, FDA and EHEDG standard requirements and can be disassembled quickly for easy...
Compact design w/ directly flanged drive resulting in economical operation
Design w/ bearing housing and drive shaft allows use of all types of drives