Karl Kruse GmbH & Co. KG Datasheets for Chip Inductors

Chip inductors are manufactured using semiconductor material.
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Product Name Notes
CHIP INDUCTOR 39uH 20% 2.4A -- P1170.393NLT T
Chip Inductor 750nH -- 1008CS-751GBC
Chip Inductors 33nH +/-2% -- 1008CS-330XGLC
Fixed Inductors RF Chip Inductor SMD 10nH 0805 5% -- 55081003400
Ind Chip Wirewound 36nH 2% 250MHz 38Q-Factor Ceram -- CT0603CSF-36NG
Ind Power Chip Wirewound 10uH 10% 100KHz Ferrite 9 -- CBC3225T100KR
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