Thermal Circuits, Inc. Datasheets for Flexible Heaters

Flexible heaters are devices that can be molded to the shape of a heated object.
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Product Name Notes
Ceramic Heaters
Fiberglass Cloth
High-Temperature Mica Heaters
Infrared Panel Emitters
Kapton® Heaters
Mylar® Film Heaters
Neo-Nylon® Heaters
Nomex® Heaters
Polyester Heater
Polyimide Heaters
Teflon® Heaters
Vinyl Heaters
Flexible Heaters from Thermal Circuits are light, bendable and can conform to irregular shapes, contours and 3-dimensional patterns. They are simple to apply, yet are capable of higher output than...
EPDM Rubber Heaters
Silicone Rubber Heaters
Silicone Rubber is the most versatile rubber based dielectric used to produce flexible surface heaters. Both etched foil and wire wound element designs are offered. The application determines the choice.