Eriez Datasheets for Separators, Classifiers, and Screeners

Screeners, classifiers and separators are used to separate materials by particle size.
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Product Name Notes
HF Drum Separator
HFP-RE Drum Separator
Magnetic Drum- Electro and Permanent
Model HFP Drum Separator
Rare Earth Drum Separator
Type A Drum Separator
Type CC Model Drum Separator
Automatically remove large and small pieces of iron contaminants from material processing lines. Crisscross or agitator-type magnetic fields. Available with SuperStrength Rare Earth elements. Self-cleaning design. Provided with or without...
10" Maxi Power Plate Magnet
10" Rare Earth Plate Magnet
10" Super Power Plate Magnet
12" Maxi Power Plate Magnet
12" Rare Earth Plate Magnet
12" Super Power Plate Magnet
14" Rare Earth Plate Magnet
14" Super Power Plate Magnet
16" Super Power Plate Magnet
6" Rare Earth Plate Magnet
8" Maxi Power Plate Magnet
8" Rare Earth Plate Magnet
Brutepower Plate Magnet
Plate Magnet
SD Model Plate Magnet
SuperBrute Plate Magnet
SuperStrength Rare Earth Plate Magnet
Eriez' broad range of Plate Magnets remove unwanted ferrous metals, protect equipment from damage or improve the downstream processing purity of your product. Five magnetic strengths. Install in chutes, feed...
Ceramic Model P Grate Magnet
GH-2 Grate Magnets
GH-4 Grate Magnets
Grate Magnet in Housing-Rare Earth
Model D-1 Grate Magnet
Model D-2 Grate Magnet
Model FBA Grate Magnet
Model P Grate Magnet
Model TBA Grate Magnet
Rare Earth Model P Grate Magnet
Extract small and fine iron when installed in steep-sloped, odd and irregular-shaped hoppers, vertical closed chutes and ducts. Available with Erium® Rare Earth RE5HP in all models, including drawer and...
Deep Reach Permanent Magnetic Separator Heavy flows of material that may bridge or choke when processed through magnetic grates are easily handled by this open-throat design, while maintaining production rates. Ideal for use with powdery,...
High capacity gyratory units for high viscosity liquid/solid separation, and wet or dry classification. Easy operation when tuning to specific feed rate, product and separation requirements. No damping under loads.
CF-5MM Magnetic Separator
L-4 Magnetic Separator
L-4-20 Magnetic Separator
Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separator
High-capacity, continuous removal or concentration of feebly magnetic materials. Commercial models range in capacity to 120tph (109mtph).
ECS Heavy Duty Eddy Current Separator
ECS Standard Eddy Current Separator
ECS Type M Eddy Current Separator
Ideal for material recovery facilities wishing to automate removal of nonferrous metals from trash, MSW, sand, glass, dirt, electronic scrap and shredded automobiles. Available in feed widths of 24, 36,...
RF Cartridge Magnetic Separator Ideal for removing tramp iron from dry, free-flowing food or chemical products conveyed in pneumatic pipelines.
Molel T Rare Earth Magnetic Trap Large ferrous trap to remove ferrous contamination in 6-36 in. (152-914mm) pipelines. Rugged welded pipe and reinforced plate construction withstands working pressures up to 75psi (5.3kg/sq cm)in standard models. Typically...
CDA Wet Drum Separator
HMDA Wet Drum Separator
L-8 Wet Drum Separator
Recover magnetite or ferrosilicon in heavy media operations. Concentrate magnetic ores. These separators provide economies of space and operation. Basic tank styles include concurrent, counter-rotation and counter-current.
Superconducting High Gradient Separator Removes micron-sized, weakly magnetic impurities. Reaches 100% field strength in 60 seconds, less time - <20 seconds for Lab systems ensuring high productivity. Magnet operation at cryogenic temperature reduces power...
CP 20/80 SC-2
MC Model Suspended Magnetic Separator
SC Model Suspended Magnetic Separator
SE Series 2400 Separators
Safely and automatically remove tramp iron from product flows like wood, coal or rock being conveyed on belts, vibratory feeders or chutes. Available for use in hazardous locations.
Rare Earth Roll Magnetic Separator Separation equipment includes magnetic plates, grates, and traps, rolls and tubes, drum separators, ferrous traps, magnetic pulleys, magnetic sweepers, non-ferrous eddy current separators, and electromagnetic separators... for removing fine and...
Model B-2 Sanitary Super-B Trap
Model B-2 Sanitary Super-B Trap
Model B-3 Sanitary Super-B Trap
Model B-3 Sanitary Super-B Trap
Model B-4 Sanitary Super-B Trap
Model B-4 Sanitary Super-B Trap
Stainless Steel Liquid Line Bowl type trap for use in 2" (51mm) through 4" (102mm) lines to remove fine ferrous contaminate from food, pharmaceutical and chemical product flows. Eriez' line...
Grate Magnets -- 133816P
Grate Magnets -- 133828P
Grate Magnets -- 134929P
Grate Magnets -- 134940P
Grate Magnets -- 135675P
Grate Magnets -- 135706P
The easy to clean rare earth grate in housing provides for the quick removal of accumulated tramp metal. Standard Features Two rows of staggered magnets 1-inch diameter magnet tubes on...
Ferrous Wheel These high-gradient permanent magnetic separators provide continuous operation in the economical concentration of magnetic ores or the cleaning of nonmagnetic ores.
Trommel Magnetic Separator This powerful system automatically separates and removes processing balls and ferrous chips from milled ore in ball/SAG mills.
Grate Magnets -- 135723P
Grate Magnets -- 135724P
Grate Magnets -- 135725P
Tramp and fine iron removal in enclosed flow lines or at screen discharges is simplified by Eriez multi-bank units built into convenient housings. These separators have a slide-bolt door front...
Model A Vibratory Screener
Model B Vibratory Screener
Model HVS Screener
TM Screener
Vibratory screeners serve as efficient screening separators for a wide variety of materials. Eriez has standard and heavy duty models for the majority of screening applications. Special units can be...