CDE Global Ltd. Datasheets for Separators, Classifiers, and Screeners

Screeners, classifiers and separators are used to separate materials by particle size.
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Product Name Notes
Sirocco Air Classifiers -- Sirocco W100
Sirocco Air Classifiers -- Sirocco W200
Sirocco Air Classifiers -- Sirocco W300
Sirocco Air Classifiers -- Sirocco W50
Sirocco Air Classifiers -- Sirocco W500
Sirocco Air Classifiers -- Sirocco W800
Air Classifiers offer an efficient means of removing excess fines from crushed rock material to facilitate the production of high quality sand products for use in construction. Air Classifiers are...
AquaCycle Thickeners -- AquaCycle A100
AquaCycle Thickeners -- AquaCycle A1450
AquaCycle Thickeners -- AquaCycle A200
AquaCycle Thickeners -- AquaCycle A400
AquaCycle Thickeners -- AquaCycle A600
The AquaCycle thickener offers efficient primary stage water treatment specifically for sand, quarry and recycling processes. The introduction of this system brings significant cost savings as it reduces the area...
AggMax Attrition System -- AggMax 150
AggMax Attrition System -- AggMax 80
The CDE AggMax system allows for the primary screening and high attrition washing of claybound material through a combination of our RotoMax Logwasher and high frequency screening technology.; This compact...
EvoWash Sand Washing Plant -- EvoWash 101
EvoWash Sand Washing Plant -- EvoWash 102
EvoWash Sand Washing Plant -- EvoWash 151
EvoWash Sand Washing Plant -- EvoWash 152
EvoWash Sand Washing Plant -- EvoWash 201
EvoWash Sand Washing Plant -- EvoWash 251
EvoWash Sand Washing Plant -- EvoWash 71
EvoWash Sand Washing Plant -- EvoWash 72
EvoWash Sand Washing Plant -- EvoWash Multi Sands production system
The CDE EvoWash sand washing plant offers unrivalled control of silt cut points, effectively eliminating loss of quality fines to your settling ponds or water treatment phase. The EvoWash sand...
ProGrade Screens -- ProGrade P2-108
ProGrade Screens -- ProGrade P2-147
ProGrade Screens -- ProGrade P2-75
ProGrade Screens -- ProGrade P3-108
ProGrade Screens -- ProGrade P3-147
ProGrade Screens -- ProGrade P3-75
The CDE ProGrade Screen is designed to cope with the harshest conditions. Many features offered as optional extras from other suppliers are included as standard on the ProGrade range as...
FlocStation -- FlocStation P25
FlocStation -- FlocStation P40
The Poly dosing system is widely used throughout the quarrying industry for waste-water control. The basic operation of the Polyplant is to take water from a storage tank, mix in...
RotoMax Attrition System -- RotoMax RX150
RotoMax Attrition System -- RotoMax RX80
The RotoMax is next generation logwasher technology - a high efficiency, heavy duty unit which allows for the production of commercial grade material from heavily clay bound feed stock and...
S:Max -- S:Max SRU-10
S:Max -- S:Max SRU-25
The S:Max is a high efficiency portable wet screening unit designed to effectively remove oversize and screenings from imported material. Its primary application is as a sludge screen in the...
EvoScreen Dewatering Screens -- EvoScreen DWA
EvoScreen Dewatering Screens -- EvoScreen DWB
EvoScreen Dewatering Screens -- EvoScreen DWC
EvoScreen Dewatering Screens -- EvoScreen DWE
We offer a range of high frequency dewatering screens for use in a variety of applications. Our EvoScreens come with highest quality modular polyurethane decks as standard. The use of...