GEA Process Engineering Inc. Datasheets for Laboratory Mixers

Laboratory mixers are used to mix, emulsify, homogenize, disintegrate and dissolve samples.
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Product Name Notes
NS 1001L Panda For various low- and high-viscosity fluids Max. operating pressure: 1500 bar (21750 psi) Capacity: ~160 ml/min A Small Unit with Great Potential The Panda homogenizer is a tabletop model designed...
Niro Soavi VHP -- NH Series GEA Niro Soavi offers a full range of equipment sizes, from tabletop laboratory size handling 2.64 gal/hr (10 liters/hr) to full-scale production units that can process up to 220 gpm...
Collette Ultima™ -- 25
Collette Ultima™ -- 400/600/1200
Collette Ultima™ -- 75
The Collette Ultima™ is the ultimate single-pot processor for mixing, drying and granulation, available in a range of sizes for R&D to full-scale production. The Ultima incorporates all available vacuum...
CIP & SIP Enabled Homogenizers The strict requirements listed in terms of sanitary and sterile operations call for a high design standard. Our machines are designed for CIP procedures compatible with the various industry requirements.