RESON Datasheets for Hydrophones

Hydrophones are underwater acoustic sensors used in marine research, undersea mapping and navigation, and various commercial and military applications.
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Product Name Notes
The TC4033 provides uniform omnidirectional characteristics within the full frequency range of 1Hz to 140kHz. The Typical sensitivity of -203dB re 1V/┬ÁPa and the capacitance of 7nF, ensure an excellent...
The TC4043 Miniature hydrophone offers a wide frequency range from 2Hz to over 160kHz. The frequency response is flat from 2Hz to 100kHz. The hydrophones directivity is typically omnidirectional up...
The TC4050 is a miniature flushmounted hydrophone, which has a flat frraenqguee.n c y response and is omnidirec-tional over the complete lover frequency The high capacitance and sensitivity of the...
The TC4056 is an omnidirectional hydrophone with a low noise +10dB or +20dB preamplifier build-in making it highly sensitive. TC4056-1,3 comes with a 10m high quality cable/TC4056-4 comes with a...
Broad band miniature probe hydrophone
Broad band miniature probe hydrophone with built in 10dB pre-amplifier
Broad band spherical hydrophone with built in 26dB pre-amplifier
High sensitivity, broad banded, omnidirectional, Q-ring sealed mounting
Low noise sea state zero hydrophone with built in 10dB pre-amplifier
Spherical reference hydrophone for high pressure
Titanium mounting support, wide frequency range, titanium mounting support
Ultra broad-band spherical reference hydrophone
Wide frequency range, spherical differential sensor, IVC calibration