BMT USA, LLC Datasheets for Incubators

Incubators are used in biological experiments to allow growth of organisms in optimal conditions of temperature, carbon dioxide and humidity.
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Product Name Notes
CO2 Incubator -- 190
CO2 Incubator -- 50
The BMT latest generation of CO2 Incubators are focused and repeatable conditions and environments for the growth of cell tissue and other cultures. The three circuit direct heating management...
Forced Air Incubator -- 111
Forced Air Incubator -- 22
Forced Air Incubator -- 222
Forced Air Incubator -- 404
Forced Air Incubator -- 55
Forced Air Incubator -- 707
BMT Forced Air Incubators utilize a patented system of air circulation by use of a fan in an electrically heated chamber. The patented thermodynamic spiral air flow ensures extremely tight...