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CO2 Incubator - 190 - BMT USA, LLC
Monroe, WA, USA
CO2 Incubator 190
The BMT latest generation of CO2 Incubators are focused and repeatable conditions and environments for the growth of cell tissue and other cultures. The three circuit direct heating management system eliminates the need for a fan and consequently eliminates the risk of vibrations and cross-contamination enormously and guarantees the maximum relative humidity with absolutely dry inner walls and inner door. CO2CELL BMT’s CO2CELL series Incubators are suitable for research and growth of cell cultures and other cultures where a protective CO2 atmosphere or O2 or N2 atmosphere is desired. The CO2 Incubators are available in either 1.71ft3 (50 liter) or 6.71 ft3 (190 liter) chamber volumes. BMT CO2 Cell is robust, a seamless inner chamber constructed of AISI 316 (Comfort) AISI 304 (Standard) Stainless Steel. Results and parameters will not change over time, producing validated results for years to come, as opposed to obsolete technology, such as a water-jacketed chamber. CO2 measurement is achieved through Drift-free infrared (IR)sensor which secures continuous, precise and reliable data on the CO2 concentration in the chamber. IR is the latest technology and represents the best measurement device available and IR will not be influenced by other parameters. Thanks to the unique 6-sided direct heated chamber precise heat distribution is produced as well installation and maintenance is very easy with the seamless design and rounded corners. Shelves and racks can be removed quickly and simply. Features Include: Working temperature range from 5°C above ambient temperature up to 60°C Inner glass door – allows for visual inspection of samples without exposing them to room air Decontamination cycle 160°C Highest in the World Decontamination of 200°C Relative Humidity 95% Rh at 37°C / 98.6°F Drift Free Infrared C02 Sensor Microprocessor control with large LED readout Three stainless steel shelves included with 50L and four shelves with 190L AISI 304 and 316 Stainless steel chambers available Wide range of options and accessories SD Card and Ethernet available on Comfort Model RS 232 Interface for printer or PC communication CO2 concentration 0.1 up to 20% Seamless chamber Low contamination risk – No Fan Highest usable chamber space on available
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Technical Specifications

Product Category Incubators
Product Number 190
Product Name CO2 Incubator
Display Type Digital Numerical Display
Sensor Type Infrared
User Interface Digital
Remote Interface Computer Interface; Serial Interface
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