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Forced Air Incubator - 222 - BMT USA, LLC
Monroe, WA, USA
Forced Air Incubator 222
BMT Forced Air Incubators utilize a patented system of air circulation by use of a fan in an electrically heated chamber. The patented thermodynamic spiral air flow ensures extremely tight temperature distribution within the working space. The computer-engineered air distribution plates ensure that the air flow is from the bottom up in a natural thermal spiral motion which results in optimum heating of materials and precise temperature regulation with minimum energy consumption. INCUCELL V Incubators with Heating and Cooling The Incucell V Incubator provides very accurate temperature distribution within the chamber. Due to the forced air, the chamber and load heat up quickly and accurately. Available in the following chamber sizes: 0.77 ft3 (22 liters), 1.94 ft3 (55 liters), 3.92 ft3 (111 liters), 7.84 ft3 (222 liters), 14.26 ft3 (404 liters), 24.97 ft3 (707 liters). The Incucell V utilizes a patented air flow system to achieve very accurate temperature distribution within the chamber. A central fan in the top of the Incubator forces air through computer-engineered precision air ports located in the air distribution plates within the chamber. This leads to more precise temperature distribution with small deviations. Ideal for use in biological laboratories, quality tests in pharmacy, cosmetics and testing in veterinary medicine and the food processing industry.
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Technical Specifications

Product Category Incubators
Product Number 222
Product Name Forced Air Incubator
Display Type Digital Numerical Display
Sensor Type PT 100
User Interface Digital
Remote Interface Computer Interface; Serial Interface
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