Vortec Datasheets for Nozzles

Nozzles alter and control the stream or spray pattern of a fluid in a spray coating or dispensing system.
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Product Name Notes
Cold Air Gun Nozzles -- 610-30 Nozzles for use with Cold Air Gun Models 610, 610-1, 620, 620-1, 630, 630-1
Cold Air Gun Nozzles -- 424-30 Nozzles for use with Thread Guard Model 424
Air Nozzles Vortec engineered blow off nozzles significantly reduce compressed air consumption and noise, compared to open nozzle jets. Using proven amplification technology, Vortec nozzles entrain and accelerate free surrounding air, resulting...
Spray Nozzles Vortec Spray Nozzles provide ultra-fine droplet-sized sprays for evaporative cooling, atomization, humidification and wetting. Superior to conventional hydraulic and piezoelectric nozzles, spray nozzles produce spray patterns that can be widely...