Interface Displays & Controls Datasheets for Touch Screen Displays

Touch screen displays are user-friendly input devices. The user touches the screen and the input is communicated directly to the computer.
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Product Name Notes
A completed unit comprises of a COTS AMLCD with touch-screen overlay with controller board, actuators and driver board, and single-board computer in a ruggedized package. In addition, field programmable software...
Amorphous-silicon, TFT (thin film transistor) liquid crystal, 1024 x RBG stripe x 768 pixel matrix.
Designed as a drop-in replacement for current CRT based displays, this CDU provides a reduction in weight and envelope size, increased reliability, and a high degree of customization via software.
Multi-sync, multi-format video monitor with infrared touch system and bezel keys.
The F-16 multi-function display (MFD) is designed with a multitude of capabilities. Designed as a drop-in replacement for current CRT-based radar displays, the MFD provides a reduction in weight and...