CASTECH, Inc. Datasheets for Calcite Polarizers

Calcite polarizers are crystals used to separate unpolarized light into two separate plane polarized beams.
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Product Name Notes
Glan-Taylor Polarizer -- PGT-100-ABBO1
Glan-Taylor Polarizer -- PGT-100-ABBO2
Glan-Taylor Polarizer -- PGT-100-ABBO3
Glan-Taylor Polarizer -- PGT-100-CAL
Glan-Taylor Polarizer -- PGT-150-ABBO1
Glan-Taylor Polarizer -- PGT-150-ABBO2
Glan-Taylor Polarizer -- PGT-150-ABBO3
Glan-Taylor Polarizer -- PGT-150-ABBO3
• High Polarization Purity • Wide Wavelength Range • High Total Transmission
Glan-Laser Polarizer -- PGL-100-ABBO1
Glan-Laser Polarizer -- PGL-100-ABBO2
Glan-Laser Polarizer -- PGL-100-ABBO3
Glan-Laser Polarizer -- PGL-100-CAL
Glan-Laser Polarizer -- PGL-150-ABBO1
Glan-Laser Polarizer -- PGL-150-ABBO2
Glan-Laser Polarizer -- PGL-150-ABBO3
Glan-Laser Polarizer -- PGL-150-CAL
• High Polarization Purity • Wide Wavelength Range • High UV Transmission • Available with two, one or no escape ports for extra power capacity • Suitable for high power...
Glan-Thompson Polarizer -- PGM-080-ABBO-1.6
Glan-Thompson Polarizer -- PGM-080-CAL-2.5
Glan-Thompson Polarizer -- PGM-080-CAL-3.0
Glan-Thompson Polarizer -- PGM-100-ABBO-1.6
Glan-Thompson Polarizer -- PGM-100-CAL-2.5
Glan-Thompson Polarizer -- PGM-100-CAL-3.0
Glan-Thompson Polarizer -- PGM-150-ABBO-1.6
Glan-Thompson Polarizer -- PGM-150-CAL-2.5
Glan-Thompson Polarizer -- PGM-150-CAL-3.0
• Large Acceptance Angle: Special design for the ratio of l/A (length/aperture) guarantees the wide acceptance angle. • High Polarization Purity. • Suitable for low power applications.
Wollaston Polarizer -- PWS-100-ABBO
Wollaston Polarizer -- PWS-100-CAL
Wollaston Polarizer -- PWS-100-QZ
Wollaston Polarizer -- PWS-100-YVO4
Wollaston Polarizer -- PWS-150-ABBO
Wollaston Polarizer -- PWS-150-CAL
Wollaston Polarizer -- PWS-150-QZ
Wollaston Polarizer -- PWS-150-YVO4
• Wide Wavelength Range. • Both ordinary and extraordinary beams are deviated. • Suitable for low power application and where the large deviations is required.
Rochon Polarizer -- PRC-080-ABBO
Rochon Polarizer -- PRC-080-QZ
Rochon Polarizer -- PRC-080-YVO4
Rochon Polarizer -- PRC-100-ABBO
Rochon Polarizer -- PRC-100-QZ
Rochon Polarizer -- PRC-100-YVO4
Rochon Polarizer -- PRC-150-ABBO
Rochon Polarizer -- PRC-150-QZ
Rochon Polarizer -- PRC-150-YVO4
• Wide Wavelength Range. • Large Field Angle. • High Extinction Ratio. • Guarantee a wide transmission range, especially, suitable for UV applications. • Split the ordinary and extraordinary ray,...