CASTECH, Inc. Datasheets for Optical Prisms

Optical prisms are blocks of optical material with flat, polished sides that are arranged at precisely controlled angles to one another. They are used in optical systems to deflect or redirect beams of light. They can invert or rotate images, disperse light into component wavelengths, and separate states of polarization.
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Product Name Notes
Penta Prisms -- RTP-070-070-BK7
Penta Prisms -- RTP-100-100-BK7
Penta Prisms -- RTP-127-127-BK7
Penta Prisms -- RTP-150-150-BK7
Penta Prisms -- RTP-200-200-BK7
Penta Prisms -- RTP-254-254-BK7
Note: • Coatings: Optional • Better angular precision such as 1 min ,30sec ,15sec available upon request. • Other sizes and material are available upon request.
Roof Prisms -- RP-230-BK7 Note: • Coatings: Optional upon request. • Other sizes , material and Roof angle error are available upon request.
Anamorphic Prisms -- ANP-X020-050-NSF11
Anamorphic Prisms -- ANP-X025-150-NSF11
Note: • Coatings: optional. • Other sizes and magnify are available upon request.
Equilateral Dispersive Prisms -- EQP-150-BK7
Equilateral Dispersive Prisms -- EQP-200-BK7
Equilateral Dispersive Prisms -- EQP-250-BK7
Equilateral Dispersive Prisms -- EQP-300-BK7
Equilateral Dispersive Prisms -- EQP-300-NSF10
Equilateral Dispersive Prisms -- EQP-350-BK7
Equilateral Dispersive Prisms -- EQP-400-BK7
Equilateral Dispersive Prisms -- EQP-500-BK7
Equilateral Dispersive Prisms -- EQP-600-BK7
Equilateral Dispersive Prisms -- EQP-600-NSF10
Porro Prisms -- PRPC-056-053-BK7
Porro Prisms -- PRPC-127-127-BK7
Porro Prisms -- PRPC-127-127-UVFS
Porro Prisms -- PRPC-127-190-BK7
Porro Prisms -- PRPC-127-190-UVFS
Porro Prisms -- PRPC-254-381-BK7
Porro Prisms -- PRPC-254-381-UVFS
Porro Prisms -- PRPS-056-053-BK7
Porro Prisms -- PRPS-127-127-BK7
Porro Prisms -- PRPS-127-127-UVFS
Porro Prisms -- PRPS-127-190-BK7
Porro Prisms -- PRPS-127-190-UVFS
Porro Prisms -- PRPS-254-381-BK7
Porro Prisms -- PRPS-254-381-UVFS
Note: • Coatings: optional. • Other sizes and material are available upon request.
Pellin Broca Prism -- PBP-110-200-640-600-795-UVFS
Pellin Broca Prism -- PBP-235-400-127-600-795-BK7
Pellin Broca Prism -- PBP-235-400-127-600-795-UVFS
Note: • Coatings: optional. • Other sizes are available upon request.
Dove Prisms -- DRP-100-100-BK7
Dove Prisms -- DRP-100-100-UVFS
Dove Prisms -- DRP-127-635-BK7
Dove Prisms -- DRP-150-150-BK7
Dove Prisms -- DRP-150-150-UVFS
Dove Prisms -- DRP-200-200-BK7
Dove Prisms -- DRP-200-200-UVFS
Dove Prisms -- DRP-254-127-BK7
Note: • Our Dove Prisms are also available with antireflection coating on surfaces with light in and out , in order to reduce surface loss. • Coatings: optional upon request.
Retro-Reflectors -- RRP-127-095-BK7
Retro-Reflectors -- RRP-254-188-BK7
Retro-Reflectors -- RRP-380-285-BK7
Retro-Reflectors -- RRP-640-480-BK7
Note: Other sizes and material are available upon requests.
Right Angle Prisms -- RAPB-127-BK7
Right Angle Prisms -- RAPB-127-UVFS
Right Angle Prisms -- RAPB-254-BK7
Right Angle Prisms -- RAPB-254-UVFS
Right Angle Prisms -- RAPF-127-BK7
Right Angle Prisms -- RAPF-127-UVFS
Right Angle Prisms -- RAPF-254-BK7
Right Angle Prisms -- RAPF-254-UVFS
Right Angle Prisms:• Total internal reflection prisms. • 90°or 180° beam deflection, depending on which surface is used as the input for the light source.