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Helium neon (HeNe) lasers have an emission that is determined by neon atoms by virtue of a resonant transfer of excitation of helium. They operate continuously in the red, infrared and far-infrared regions and emit highly monochromatic radiation.
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Product Name Notes
Laser Head Model: 05-LHR-121 Wavelength 632.8nm Red Power (minimum spec.): 2 mW Power (actual) 3.5 to 4.8 mW Mode: >90% TEMoo Beam Diameter: 0.59 mm Beam Divergence: 1.35 mrad Polarization:...
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This less than 5 milliwatt (<5mW) HeNelaser system is ideal for many applications. SPECIFICATIONS: ¢ model 05-LHR-121 laser ¢ model 05-LPM-938-065 power supply¢ 632.8 nm wavelength ¢ >90% TEMoo ¢