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Frankfort, IL, United States
Helium-Neon Laser Tubes
New(overstock / surplus) Melles Griot Inc. Helium-Neon Laser Tubes. These hard-to-find new/unused tubes are being sold at a discount from theiroriginal price. Once they are gone, they are gone. We have over 30 years of experience working with helium-neon lasers. ¢ All tubes emit a Gaussian TEM00 beam unless otherwise noted.¢ Power supplies and ballast resistors also available.¢ Quantities are limited! ¢ Typical lifespan of a Melles Griot He-Ne laser tube is20,000 hours of operation. ¢ We provide a six month limited warranty. HeNe laser tubes are ideal for:¢ Holography ¢ Raman spectroscopy ¢ Low level laser therapy ¢ Test and measurement ¢ Physics demonstrations for classrooms and science fairprojects.
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Technical Specifications

  Midwest Laser Products, LLC
Product Category Lasers
Product Name Helium-Neon Laser Tubes
Laser Type Helium Neon Lasers
Beam Area 0.1735 to 2.27 mm² (2.69E-4 to 0.0035 in²)
Features Polarized Output
Laser Power 0.3000 to 7 milliwatts
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