Hazmat Storage Datasheets for Material Handling Carts and Trucks

Industrial carts and industrial trucks are used to transport equipment or materials within the premises of a facility. They are frequently manually propelled, but motorized version are manufactured. An assortment of carts and trucks are available for a multitude of cargo operations.
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Product Name Notes
Turnabout Truck -- HSC8090 Additional storage space mountable on top
Tilt Truck -- HSCT100HTA
Tilt Truck -- HSCT100LTA
Tilt Truck -- HSCT100STA
Tilt Truck -- HSCT175HTA
Tilt Truck -- HSCT175STA
Tilt Truck -- HSCT200HTA
Tilt Truck -- HSCT200STA
Tilt Truck -- HSCT250HTA
Tilt Truck -- HSCT250STA
Tilt Truck -- HSCT50XHTA
Tilt Truck -- HSCT50XLTA
Tilt Truck -- HSCT50XSTA
Balanced for one person handling
Bulk Forklift Container -- HSCFL446052 Bottom plates available for dumping
Round Basket Truck -- HSC2140 Curled flange for easy handling
Can-Tainer Designed to resemble aluminum can, encourages recycling
Extractor Truck -- HSC2520
Extractor Truck -- HSC2524
Extractor Truck -- HSC2528
Extractor Truck -- HSC2624
Extractor Truck -- HSC5820
Extractor Truck -- HSC5824
Extractor Truck -- HSC5828
Extractor Truck -- HSC6018
Different wall thicknesses and bases available
Flare Truck -- HSC2440 Double-wall flange, raised platform grate to allow draining
Utility Truck -- HSC5106
Utility Truck -- HSC5108
Utility Truck -- HSC5110
Utility Truck -- HSC5112
Utility Truck -- HSC5114
Utility Truck -- HSC5116
Utility Truck -- HSC5118
Utility Truck -- HSC5120
FDA 177.1520 compliant, vinyl covers available
Bulk Forklift Container -- HSCBFC30CFA
Bulk Forklift Container -- HSCBFC30SIB
FDA 21 CFR 177.1520 compliant, stack 2 high when covered
Bulk Delivery Truck -- 7070
Bulk Delivery Truck -- 7090
Hinged lockable security covers available, available in 18 colors
Turnabout Truck -- HSC8080
Turnabout Truck -- HSC8592
Turnabout Truck -- HSC9091
Lockable vinyl security cover
Recycling Truck -- HSC5016TRD Patented design maximizes usable volume
Maxi-Utility Truck -- HSC4412
Maxi-Utility Truck -- HSC4414
Maxi-Utility Truck -- HSC4416
Maxi-Utility Truck -- HSC4420
Maxi-Utility Truck -- HSC4422
Powder coated steel base, optional covers
Sheet Feed Platform Truck -- HSC2930 Powder coated steel base, specifically used to handle sheet work
Maxi-Cube Truck -- HSC5010
Maxi-Cube Truck -- HSC5013
Maxi-Cube Truck -- HSC5014
Maxi-Cube Truck -- HSC5016
Maxi-Cube Truck -- HSC5418
Maxi-Cube Truck -- HSC5454
Spring Lift Platform Truck -- HSC2820
Spring Lift Platform Truck -- HSC2914
Spring Lift Platform Truck -- HSC2920
Powder coated steel base
Flare Truck -- HSC2422
Flare Truck -- HSC2424
Raised platform grate to allow draining, steel-reinforced sides
Mobile Raised Basket Truck -- HSCRB2BU
Mobile Raised Basket Truck -- HSCRB3BU
Mobile Raised Basket Truck -- HSCRB4BU
Mobile Raised Basket Truck -- HSCRB6BU
Removable liner, elevated on mobile stand
Bulk Delivery Truck -- 7040
Bulk Delivery Truck -- 7045
Bulk Delivery Truck -- 7048
Bulk Delivery Truck -- 7050
Bulk Delivery Truck -- 7060
Bulk Delivery Truck -- 7091
Bulk Delivery Truck -- 7095
Bulk Delivery Truck -- S7041
Rugged, non-marring trucks that are designed to maximize the payload when delivering to hotels, motels, hospitals and restaurants. Ideal also for transport of bulk materials such as bagged waste material...
Garment Delivery Truck -- HSC8280 Shelving or hanger bar, weatherproof vinyl cover available
Flare Truck -- HSC2324 Side cutout for extracting clothes from washer, raised platform grate
Platform Truck -- HSCP5828SB Skid resistant decking, non-marring platform
Document Security Truck -- HSC4416TDA Specifically for storing sensitive materials, lockable hinged cover
Washroom Truck -- HSC4716 Standard drain hole, recessed bottom for complete drainage
Fork-Liftable Self Dumping Hopper -- HSCT100FLH
Fork-Liftable Self Dumping Hopper -- HSCT175FLT
Fork-Liftable Self Dumping Hopper -- HSCT200FLT
Fork-Liftable Self Dumping Hopper -- HSCT250FLT
Fork-Liftable Self Dumping Hopper -- HSCT50XFLH
Tilts 30 degrees below horizontal
Sling Container -- HSC8080
Sling Container -- HSC8090
Sling Container -- HSC8592
Used as transportation medium in conveying system
Linen/Laundry Hamper -- HSC3030
Linen/Laundry Hamper -- HSC3040
Welded steel frame, spring loaded hinge cover