Hazmat Storage Datasheets for Storage Tanks and Process Tanks

Storage tanks and process tanks are bulk containers of varying size and configuration.
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Product Name Notes
Crosslinked PE Open Top Tank -- TC2236AX
Crosslinked PE Open Top Tank -- TC2842AX
Crosslinked PE Open Top Tank -- TC3148AX
Crosslinked PE Open Top Tank -- TC3648AX
Crosslinked PE Open Top Tank -- TC4248AX
Crosslinked PE Open Top Tank -- TC4250AX
Crosslinked PE Open Top Tank -- TC4848AX
Crosslinked PE Open Top Tank -- TC5260AX
Crosslinked PE Open Top Tank -- TC5700AX
Crosslinked PE Open Top Tank -- TC6400AX
Crosslinked PE Open Top Tank -- TC9597AX
ASTM D1998-91 compliance available, 40-CFR-264.193 compliant
Crosslinked PE Storage Tank -- TC1150IX
Crosslinked PE Storage Tank -- TC1500IX
Crosslinked PE Storage Tank -- TC2000IX
Crosslinked PE Storage Tank -- TC3200IX
Crosslinked PE Storage Tank -- TC3536IX
Crosslinked PE Storage Tank -- TC3563IX
Crosslinked PE Storage Tank -- TC3581IX
Crosslinked PE Storage Tank -- TC3600IX
Crosslinked PE Storage Tank -- TC4300IX
Crosslinked PE Storage Tank -- TC4500IX
Crosslinked PE Storage Tank -- TC4676IX
Crosslinked PE Storage Tank -- TC6442IX
Crosslinked PE Storage Tank -- TC6481IX
Crosslinked PE Storage Tank -- TC6800IX
Crosslinked PE Storage Tank -- TC850XIX
Crosslinked PE Storage Tank -- TC8652IX
Crosslinked PE Storage Tank -- TC8674IX
Crosslinked PE Storage Tank -- TC8696IX
Crosslinked PE Storage Tank -- TC9598IX
ASTM-D-1998-91 compliance available
Below Ground Septic Tank -- TN1000ST
Below Ground Septic Tank -- TN1250ST
Below Ground Septic Tank -- TN1500ST
Available in two compartment configuration, additional parts available
FRP Encased Cylindrical Tank -- TC1113A
FRP Encased Cylindrical Tank -- TC1321A
FRP Encased Cylindrical Tank -- TC1427A
FRP Encased Cylindrical Tank -- TC1519A
FRP Encased Cylindrical Tank -- TC1815A
FRP Encased Cylindrical Tank -- TC1829A
FRP Encased Cylindrical Tank -- TC1840A
FRP Encased Cylindrical Tank -- TC2236A
FRP Encased Cylindrical Tank -- TC2240A
FRP Encased Cylindrical Tank -- TC2436A
FRP Encased Cylindrical Tank -- TC2448A
FRP Encased Cylindrical Tank -- TC2745A
FRP Encased Cylindrical Tank -- TC2832A
FRP Encased Cylindrical Tank -- TC2842A
FRP Encased Cylindrical Tank -- TC3036A
FRP Encased Cylindrical Tank -- TC3060A
FRP Encased Cylindrical Tank -- TC3148A
FRP Encased Cylindrical Tank -- TC3156A
FRP Encased Cylindrical Tank -- TC3636A
FRP Encased Cylindrical Tank -- TC3648A
FRP Encased Cylindrical Tank -- TC3660A
FRP Encased Cylindrical Tank -- TC3672A
FRP Encased Cylindrical Tank -- TC3953A
FRP Encased Cylindrical Tank -- TC4248A
FRP Encased Cylindrical Tank -- TC4250AC
FRP Encased Cylindrical Tank -- TC4848A
FRP Encased Cylindrical Tank -- TC4872A
FRP Encased Cylindrical Tank -- TC4884A
FRP Encased Cylindrical Tank -- TC5248A
FRP Encased Cylindrical Tank -- TC5260A
FRP Encased Cylindrical Tank -- TC5570A
FRP Encased Cylindrical Tank -- TC5700AC
FRP Encased Cylindrical Tank -- TC6400AC
FRP Encased Cylindrical Tank -- TC6672A
FRP Encased Cylindrical Tank -- TC6984A
FRP Encased Cylindrical Tank -- TC7384A
FRP Encased Cylindrical Tank -- TC8259A
FRP Encased Cylindrical Tank -- TC8283A
FRP Encased Cylindrical Tank -- TC8484A
FRP Encased Cylindrical Tank -- TC9597AC
Available with stands and with hinged covers
Open Top Cylindrical Tank -- TC1021A
Open Top Cylindrical Tank -- TC1113A
Open Top Cylindrical Tank -- TC1218A
Open Top Cylindrical Tank -- TC1316A
Open Top Cylindrical Tank -- TC1321A
Open Top Cylindrical Tank -- TC1427A
Open Top Cylindrical Tank -- TC1440A
Open Top Cylindrical Tank -- TC1516A
Open Top Cylindrical Tank -- TC1519A
Open Top Cylindrical Tank -- TC1522A
Open Top Cylindrical Tank -- TC1548A
Open Top Cylindrical Tank -- TC1815A
Open Top Cylindrical Tank -- TC1829A
Open Top Cylindrical Tank -- TC1840A
Open Top Cylindrical Tank -- TC2218A
Open Top Cylindrical Tank -- TC2236A
Open Top Cylindrical Tank -- TC2240A
Open Top Cylindrical Tank -- TC2436A
Open Top Cylindrical Tank -- TC2448A
Open Top Cylindrical Tank -- TC2554A
Open Top Cylindrical Tank -- TC2745A
Open Top Cylindrical Tank -- TC2832A
Open Top Cylindrical Tank -- TC2842A
Open Top Cylindrical Tank -- TC3024A
Open Top Cylindrical Tank -- TC3030A
Open Top Cylindrical Tank -- TC3036A
Open Top Cylindrical Tank -- TC3060A
Open Top Cylindrical Tank -- TC3148A
Open Top Cylindrical Tank -- TC3156A
Open Top Cylindrical Tank -- TC3624A
Open Top Cylindrical Tank -- TC3630A
Open Top Cylindrical Tank -- TC3636A
Open Top Cylindrical Tank -- TC3648A
Open Top Cylindrical Tank -- TC3660A
Open Top Cylindrical Tank -- TC3674A
Open Top Cylindrical Tank -- TC3953A
Open Top Cylindrical Tank -- TC4248A
Open Top Cylindrical Tank -- TC4250AA
Open Top Cylindrical Tank -- TC4296AA
Open Top Cylindrical Tank -- TC4548A
Open Top Cylindrical Tank -- TC4842A
Open Top Cylindrical Tank -- TC4848A
Open Top Cylindrical Tank -- TC4872A
Open Top Cylindrical Tank -- TC4884AA
Open Top Cylindrical Tank -- TC5248A
Open Top Cylindrical Tank -- TC5260A
FDA 21 CFR 177.1520 compliant, covers and stands available
Cylindrical Cone Bottom Tank -- TC1113C
Cylindrical Cone Bottom Tank -- TC1517C
Cylindrical Cone Bottom Tank -- TC1519C
Cylindrical Cone Bottom Tank -- TC1829C
Cylindrical Cone Bottom Tank -- TC2236C
Cylindrical Cone Bottom Tank -- TC2500CA
Cylindrical Cone Bottom Tank -- TC3024C
Cylindrical Cone Bottom Tank -- TC3036C
Cylindrical Cone Bottom Tank -- TC3165C
Cylindrical Cone Bottom Tank -- TC4224C
Cylindrical Cone Bottom Tank -- TC4246C
Cylindrical Cone Bottom Tank -- TC4260C
Cylindrical Cone Bottom Tank -- TC5264C
Cylindrical Cone Bottom Tank -- TC6258CA
Cylindrical Cone Bottom Tank -- TC6672CA
Cylindrical Cone Bottom Tank -- TC7384CA
Cylindrical Cone Bottom Tank -- TC8086CA
Cylindrical Cone Bottom Tank -- TC8448CA
Cylindrical Cone Bottom Tank -- TC8670CA
FDA 21 CFR 177.1520 compliant, covers available, ASTM D-1998-91 compliant
FRP Encased Cone Bottom Tank -- TC1113C
FRP Encased Cone Bottom Tank -- TC1517C
FRP Encased Cone Bottom Tank -- TC1519C
FRP Encased Cone Bottom Tank -- TC1829C
FRP Encased Cone Bottom Tank -- TC2236C
FRP Encased Cone Bottom Tank -- TC2500CC
FRP Encased Cone Bottom Tank -- TC3024C
FRP Encased Cone Bottom Tank -- TC3036C
FRP Encased Cone Bottom Tank -- TC3165C
FRP Encased Cone Bottom Tank -- TC4224C
FRP Encased Cone Bottom Tank -- TC4246C
FRP Encased Cone Bottom Tank -- TC4260C
FRP Encased Cone Bottom Tank -- TC5264C
FRP Encased Cone Bottom Tank -- TC6258C
FRP Encased Cone Bottom Tank -- TC6672CC
FRP Encased Cone Bottom Tank -- TC7384CC
FRP Encased Cone Bottom Tank -- TC8086CC
FRP Encased Cone Bottom Tank -- TC8448CC
FRP Encased Cone Bottom Tank -- TC8670CC
FDA 21 CFR 177.1520 compliant, hinged covers available
Elliptical Horizontal Bulk Tank -- TN2625M FDA 21 CFR 177.1520 compliant, legs molded into tank, optional ladder
Elliptical Horizontal Bulk Tank -- TC1000XM
Elliptical Horizontal Bulk Tank -- TC500XM
Elliptical Horizontal Bulk Tank -- TN1000MC
Elliptical Horizontal Bulk Tank -- TN1250MC
Elliptical Horizontal Bulk Tank -- TN1635M
Elliptical Horizontal Bulk Tank -- TN300XMA
Elliptical Horizontal Bulk Tank -- TN500XMA
Elliptical Horizontal Bulk Tank -- TN750XMA
FDA 21 CFR 177.1520 compliant, legs molded into tank
Conical Bottom Bulk Tank -- TC2650J
Conical Bottom Bulk Tank -- TC8648j
Conical Bottom Bulk Tank -- TC9577J
Conical Bottom Bulk Tank -- TN2500J
Conical Bottom Bulk Tank -- TN3000J
Conical Bottom Bulk Tank -- TN5500J
Conical Bottom Bulk Tank -- TN7500J
FDA 21 CFR 177.1520 compliant, metal stands available
Horizontal Sump Bottom Tank -- TN1531LP
Horizontal Sump Bottom Tank -- TN2322LP
Horizontal Sump Bottom Tank -- TN2334LP
Horizontal Sump Bottom Tank -- TN3042LP
Horizontal Sump Bottom Tank -- TN3246LP
Horizontal Sump Bottom Tank -- TN3262LOP
Horizontal Sump Bottom Tank -- TN3847LP
Horizontal Sump Bottom Tank -- TN3868LP
Horizontal Sump Bottom Tank -- TN4273LP
Horizontal Sump Bottom Tank -- TN4875LP
FDA 21 CFR 177.1520 compliant, tank saddles available
Light Weight Cylindrical Tank -- TC1021EA
Light Weight Cylindrical Tank -- TC1113EA
Light Weight Cylindrical Tank -- TC1216EA
Light Weight Cylindrical Tank -- TC1218EA
Light Weight Cylindrical Tank -- TC1321EA
Light Weight Cylindrical Tank -- TC1427EA
Light Weight Cylindrical Tank -- TC1440EA
Light Weight Cylindrical Tank -- TC1516EA
Light Weight Cylindrical Tank -- TC1519EA
Light Weight Cylindrical Tank -- TC1522EA
Light Weight Cylindrical Tank -- TC1815EA
Light Weight Cylindrical Tank -- TC1829EA
Light Weight Cylindrical Tank -- TC1840EA
Light Weight Cylindrical Tank -- TC2218EA
Light Weight Cylindrical Tank -- TC2236EA
Light Weight Cylindrical Tank -- TC88EA
Light Weight Cylindrical Tank -- TC99EA
FDA 21 CFR 177.1520 compliant
Double Wall Bulk Storage Tank -- TC3448DC
Double Wall Bulk Storage Tank -- TC3539DC
Double Wall Bulk Storage Tank -- TC4152DC
Double Wall Bulk Storage Tank -- TC5256DC
Double Wall Bulk Storage Tank -- TC5951DC
Double Wall Bulk Storage Tank -- TC7485DC
FDA 21 CFR 177.1520, 40CFR-264.193 compliant
Mini-Bulk Tank -- TN3829IC
Mini-Bulk Tank -- TN4241IC
Federal Spill Containment 40CFR 264-193 compliant
Mobile Mini-Bulk Tank -- TC3536IC
Mobile Mini-Bulk Tank -- TC3563IC
Mobile Mini-Bulk Tank -- TC4853MB
Mobile Mini-Bulk Tank -- TN4249JP
Fork lift entry for handling
Acid Neutralization Tank -- TC1114K
Acid Neutralization Tank -- TC1815K
Acid Neutralization Tank -- TC1829K
Acid Neutralization Tank -- TC2236K
Acid Neutralization Tank -- TC2842K
Acid Neutralization Tank -- TC3148K
Acid Neutralization Tank -- TC3648K
Acid Neutralization Tank -- TC4248K
Acid Neutralization Tank -- TC4848K
Acid Neutralization Tank -- TC5260K
Acid Neutralization Tank -- TC6984KA
Acid Neutralization Tank -- TC7384KA
Acid Neutralization Tank -- TC8484KA
Includes sealing and piping hardware
Conical Bottom Tank with Stand -- TN2500JP
Conical Bottom Tank with Stand -- TN4249JP
Conical Bottom Tank with Stand -- TN4885JP
Conical Bottom Tank with Stand -- TN7283JP
Conical Bottom Tank with Stand -- TN8891JP
Conical Bottom Tank with Stand -- TN9689JP
Lighter, easier maintenance from polyethylene stands
Below Ground Septic Tank -- TN500XST
Below Ground Septic Tank -- TN5451ST
Below Ground Septic Tank -- TN750XST
Manhole extension, sanitary tees, pipe gaskets, and risers available
Below Ground Water Tank -- TN1000WT
Below Ground Water Tank -- TN1250WT
Below Ground Water Tank -- TN1500WT
Below Ground Water Tank -- TN500XWT
Below Ground Water Tank -- TN5451WT
Suitable for potable water, FDA 21 CFR 177.150 compliant
Brine Tank -- TC1829HA
Brine Tank -- TC1840HA
Brine Tank -- TC2236HA
Brine Tank -- TC2448HA
Brine Tank -- TC2832HA
Brine Tank -- TC2842HA
Brine Tank -- TC3148HA
Brine Tank -- TC3648HA
Brine Tank -- TC4248HA
Brine Tank -- TC4848HA
Brine Tank -- TC5260HA
Tank fittings, accessories, and covers available

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