Thermometrics Corporation Datasheets for Thermowells

Thermowells are designed to accept numerous types of temperature probes. They are used to easily facilitate the repair of temperature sensing devices without interrupting the process being monitored.
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Product Name Notes
A flanged thermowell is a thermowell that has a flange collar which is attached to a mating flange.
A Socket-Weld Thermowell is welded into a weldalet and a weld in Thermowell is welded directly into the process thermowell.
Sanitary Thermowells are designed specifically for the food, dairy, and pharmaceutical industries.
Threaded Thermowells are used to provide an isolation between a temperature sensor and the environment, either liquid or gas.
Weld-In Thermowell are also known as Limited Space Thermowells. They are available in small sizes.
Backing flanges for van stone wells are available. Specify as separate item giving flange size, rating and material.