M2 Optics, Inc. Datasheets for Fiber Optic Test Equipment

Fiber optic test equipment is used to detect the signal loss/change through a fiber optic cable.
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Product Name Notes
Optical Fiber Identifer Optical Fiber Identifiers are essential for technicians that can identify optical fibers by detecting optical signals being transmitted through them. This easy-to-use unit also displays relative core power and identification...
OTDR Sidekick The Sidekick from M2 Optics is most often used with an OTDR to eliminate "blind spots" at the beginning of a fiber cable. Commonly referred to as a launch box,...
Fiber Lab - Draka Fiber -- 800D
Fiber Lab - OTDR Training Solution -- 800HE
Fiber Lab -- 250
Fiber Lab -- 3200
Fiber Lab -- 800
Fiber Lab -- 800HE
Fiber Lab DCF -- Dispersion Compensating
Fiber Lab for Double-Wide / 50km Fiber Spools -- 1600
Fiber Lab for OFS Fiber Spools -- 1200
Fiber Lab for OFS Fiber Spools -- 600
FiberLab fiber network simulators and fiber latency solutions are available in any fiber type and length. They are available in standard fiber test boxes and use optical fiber spools for...
Fiber Optic Power Meter -- OPM-3034B
Fiber Optic Power Meter -- OPM-3034C
The OPM-3034 series Optical Power Meters offer a hand held, user-friendly tool for engineers testing and maintaining fiber optic products & networks. Both compact and rugged, these instruments accommodate all...