Heartland Engineered Products, LLC Datasheets for Uncategorized Products

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Product Name Notes
SAF-T-Header Heavy Duty Protection For Overhead Equipment -- STH10
SAF-T-Header Heavy Duty Protection For Overhead Equipment -- STH12
SAF-T-Header Heavy Duty Protection For Overhead Equipment -- STH16
Designed for heavy-duty protection for overhead doors, platform, gas and steam lines, valuable overhead equipment. Features Protects overhead mechanical lines and conveyors Protects automatic overhead doors and reduces costly repairs...
SAF-T-Rail Heavy-Duty Protection -- C1
SAF-T-Rail Heavy-Duty Protection -- C2
SAF-T-Rail Heavy-Duty Protection -- C3
SAF-T-Rail Heavy-Duty Protection -- R10
SAF-T-Rail Heavy-Duty Protection -- R3
SAF-T-Rail Heavy-Duty Protection -- R4
SAF-T-Rail Heavy-Duty Protection -- R5
SAF-T-Rail Heavy-Duty Protection -- R6
SAF-T-Rail Heavy-Duty Protection -- R8
SAF-T-Rail Heavy-Duty Protection -- R9
Designed for heavy-duty protection for structural platforms, in-plant offices, conveyors, water mains, valuable equipment, and personnel. Designed to ASIC specifications. 10,000 lb. Load at 4 mph rating. Features 10,000 lb.
Rack End Guard -- RG42
Rack End Guard -- RG42L
Rack End Guard -- RG42R
Rack End Guard -- RG48
Rack End Guard -- RG48L
Rack End Guard -- RG48R
Features Protects vulnerable end- post from all directions Simple installation to floor Available for single or double row applications 42" and 48" upright depths Bright OSHA Yellow powder coat finish...
Post Guards -- P12HD
Post Guards -- P12SD
Post Guards -- P18HD
Post Guards -- P24HD
Post Guards -- P36HD
Post Guards -- P48HD
Features Welded for maximum strength Provide greater safety for personnel Prevent rack damage Reduce rack maintenance Bright OSHA Yellow powder finish Consistent on-time delivery ratings of 99% or higher Specifications...
SAF-T-Corner - Corner Protector -- CG18 Saf-T-Corner is designed to protect office and wall corners, edges and walls, reducing costly repairs or replacement costs. Features Full gusset to withstand impact Manufactured from 1/4" steel Bright OSHA...