APITech Datasheets for Network Appliances

Network appliances are inexpensive personal computers (PC) or computer boards that provide Internet access and promote network security. They lack many of the features of fully-equipped PCs, however.
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Product Name Notes
For Service Providers: Hassle-free remote management The appliance is easily deployable and delivers next-generation remote services, such as patch management, proactive device monitoring, and VoIP Quality of Service (QoS) monitoring,...
ION Secure Appliance 2.0 With this new version of ION Secure Appliances, the system now supports a new Web Server to simplify system administration and user connectivity. Here are a...
Please note SAL 2.0 has reached end-of-life and Avaya will no longer be able to support SAL 2.0. By the end of 2018, ION customers must upgrade to SAL 3.0.