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Heating element
The product specifications can be designed according to the actual operating environment and the blueprint provided by customers. It’ s suitable for AC/DC, whose voltage is 5v-220v, and power is less than 100W. The heating speed is fast and the heating zone is uniform. Ceramic heater has characteristics of positive temperature coefficient, so it is also called Metallization Ceramic Heater(MCH). Characteristic ● Ceramic heating element is the best substitute for metal heating plate. ● It is another new generation after alloy heating wire and PTC heating element. ● Appearance: no stain and crack; no impurities; no oxidation. ● Service voltage, rated resistance and electrode can be customized according to customers’ needs. ● Insulation Resistance: more than 100MΩ (on the condition of 500VDC) ● Our ceramic heater is a new generation of electric heating elements produced by printing resistance slurry directly on alumina ceramic green body, CO firing at a high temperature of about 1600 °C, and then treated with electrodes and leads. Application It is widely used in daily life, industrial and agricultural technology, communication, medical treatment, environmental protection, and many other fields requiring medium and low temperature heating. In the household electric heating appliances, such as small air heating device, hair dryer, clothes dryer, heating machine, electric splint, etc. In industry, such as industrial drying equipment, electric bonding device, liquid heaters. In the electronic industry, such as thermostatic bath for small special crystal devices; In medical treatment, such as infrared therapy instrument, intravenous injection heater and so on.
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  Zhuhai Cersol Technology Co., Ltd.
Product Category Industrial Ceramic Materials
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Product Name Heating element
Thickness 0.0472 to 0.0787 inch (1.2 to 2 mm)
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