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Electrostatic amplifier - GES - Woo Audio Inc.
Elmhurst, NY, USA
Electrostatic amplifier GES
Price: $1450 Color Black Silver * Power cord and interconnection cables are not included. * Shopping cart applies to the U.S. buyers only. International buyers please contact us for shipping cost and payment instruction. Technical Specifications: Input impedance: 100 Kilo-Ohms Frequency response: 10 Hz - 80 KHz, -3dB Signal/Noise: 100 dB Bias voltage: 580VDC THD: = 0.1% Voltage: AC 110/220V, 50/60 Hz External dimension: 6½(H), 13"(W), 10½"(D) Weight: 22.5 lbs Standard Featurs: Point-to-Point Wiring Four 12AX7 [PDF] drive tubes Four 6S4 [PDF] power tubes Two selectable RCA inputs High-performance Solen and WIMA capacitors Heavy-duty full aluminum die-cast chassis, anodized finished Whole aluminum volume knob and power switch button Two Filter chokes 140 watts power transforme Gold-plate RCA Alps potentiometer and power switch Teflon wires Schematic re-engineering is based on Dr. Gilmore's design. Sennheiser HE-90 connector: HE-90 is an add-on option, shown in this picture. $200 Sennheiser HE-90 output sold with GES purchase. Parts upgrade: Premium parts upgrade package. $680 We carefully selected the best possible audiophile graded parts that bring the ultimate performance from the amplifier. Parts upgrade are intended for amplifier purchase, not to be sold on a standalone basis. Auricap interstage coupling caps, 0.22uf/400V Auricap output coupling caps, 2uf/600V Attenuator upgrade: DACT CT2 stepped attenuator. $215 24-position, high accuracy and reliability Teflon tube sockets upgrade: $300 (9-pin x8) Teflon is a superior material with great isolation and tempreture endurance. The unique design of multiple pin contact area greatly increase connectivity and gripping. Pins are gold-plated over oxygen free copper. Click to see details 2 Drive tube replacement: 1 matched quad Ratheon 12BZ7 $64 (4 pcs) (ship in separate package) NOS tubes. 12BZ7 is a direct replacement tube for a 12AX7.
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  Woo Audio Inc.
Product Category Audio Amplifiers and Preamplifiers
Product Number GES
Product Name Electrostatic amplifier
Type Audio Amplifier
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