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Radiant Heater - RAYMAX® 1626 Radiant Heaters - Watlow®
St. Louis, MO, USA
With Watlow's diverse RAYMAX® radiant heater line, we have a solution for almost any application requiring radiant heat. Our capabilities cover a wide range of needs, from contamination-resist ant panel heaters to fast-responding quartz tubes to rugged tubular elements and high temperature ceramic panels. Applying radiant heaters can be complicated. Watlow's engineering staff has the level of training required to help you meet your application requirements, providing a high degree of technical support such as conducting testing for your application at our facility, calculating your watt density and temperature requirements, and recommending system components such as sensors and controllers. With our experience in a wide range of industries, chances are Watlow has already helped someone handle a radiant heating application like yours.
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Technical Specifications

Product Category Electric Heaters
Product Number RAYMAX® 1626 Radiant Heaters
Product Name Radiant Heater
Applications Curing or Tempering; Drying; Heating Plastic Film, Powder Coating
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