Voltage Multipliers, Inc. High Voltage Opto-Diode OZ150SG

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High Voltage Opto-Diode OZ150SG
10kV and 15kV Opto-Diodes For applications that require more custom mechanical configurations or electrical characteristics, VMI has provided customers with the option of high voltage diodes in a clear epoxy package without the embedded LEDs. Utilizing the photo-sensitive nature of silicon, VMI has created a line of high voltage optocouplers and opto-diodes. VMI’s optocouplers and opto-diodes are available in 10kV and 15kV versions and can be assembled in series configuration for additional standoff voltage capability.
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Technical Specifications

  Voltage Multipliers, Inc.
Product Category Optocouplers
Product Number OZ150SG
Product Name High Voltage Opto-Diode
Operating Temperature -40 to 70 C (-40 to 158 F)
Emitter LED
Input DC
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