Underground Devices 24" Bore Spacer BS3659W2


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Northbrook, IL, USA
24" Bore Spacer BS3659W2
Bore Spacer Design Style: Full Complement Bore Spacer Designed to Accomodate: 4 ea. 4", 2 ea 2" & 1 ea. 3" EPC40 (Sch.40) PVC conduits in a 24.000 OD x .500 Wall Steel Casing Grout Injection Method: Single End, Flush Coupled Extractable Injection Pipe or Stationary Sacrifical Grout Injection Pipe Design Features Include: 2 Wheels, Cable Holes to Prevent Corkscrew, Provision for Grout Injection Pipe
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  Underground Devices
Product Category Bore and Duct Spacers
Product Number BS3659W2
Product Name 24" Bore Spacer
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