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Vibration Shaker Control Software - WinVCSII Controller - Thermotron Industries
Holland, MI, USA
Vibration Shaker Control Software WinVCSII Controller
Thermotron’s WinVCS II Controller is made specifically for use with an electrodynamic vibration shaker and vibration test system. It is designed in-house by Thermotron software and hardware engineers and offers vibration control and analysis for accurate sine, random, shock, resonant search and dwell, random-on-random, sine-on-random, and sine-on-random capabilities. Real Data Acquisition and Playback (RDAP) allows actual vibration data to be recorded in the field regarding product performance under normal operating conditions. The WinVCS II has menu-driven software and color graphics. A library of pre-programmed vibration profiles, conforming to many preset test specifications simplifies set-up and operation. The software allows for up to four displays to be viewed simultaneously and is also capable of automatically running test scheduling and profile sequencing, including switching vibration control modes from sine to shock to random. Features User selectable frequency range up to 3,000 Hz User selectable resolution up 3,200 lines Scalable tolerance and abort limits 24” widescreen monitor displays User-define temperature and electrodynamic vibration profiles Multiple accelerometers and thermocouples controls Ethernet-compatible and web-enabled
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Technical Specifications

  Thermotron Industries
Product Category Shaker Controllers
Product Number WinVCSII Controller
Product Name Vibration Shaker Control Software
Frequency Range 0.0 to 3000 Hz
ADC Size 16-bit
Shaker Types Electrodynamic
DAC Size 16-bit
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