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Dual Probe Hand Piece – DPHP -  - Sunstone Engineering
Payson, UT, United States
Dual Probe Hand Piece – DPHP
DPHP HP Description: Dual Probe Hand Piece made for high power applications. Contains 4’ long 1 AWG cabling and 7/8″ diameter brass shanks that accept 3/16″ diameter electrodes. Two 3/16” diameter interchangeable copper electrodes are included. Shank: 7/8” Brass Cables: 4’ long 1 AWG Electrodes: 3/16” Copper Weight: 5.5 lbs / 2.49 kg Probe Dimensions: 7.5” x 7/8” Welding Equipment to pair with: Sunstone CD Welders, Sunstone DC Welders, Sunstone AC Welders Common Application: Budget friendly battery, sheet to sheet, any time where access to the parts can be dificult with a weld head or tweezer, where same side instead of pinch is needed.
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  Sunstone Engineering
Product Category Styli and Probes
Product Name Dual Probe Hand Piece – DPHP
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