SPIROL Pin Driving Chuck CXE

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Pin Driving Chuck - CXE - SPIROL
Danielson, CT, USA
Pin Driving Chuck CXE
These heavy duty pin driving chucks are designed for use with SPIROL’s Model PMH or Model PMX Manual Pin Inserter. They may also be used in a drill press or arbor press with an adapter. In applications where the component is too large for a bench top press, the chuck may be used in conjunction with a pneumatic tool (air hammer). This method is ideal for low volume applications where insertion forces are greater than 200 lbs. (0.89 kN). To use the tool, the operator would manually place the pin into the end of the driver. The split bushing at the tip provides spring tension to hold the pin securely in place prior to and during installation. The exposed end of the pin is then placed into the hole, and the installation is completed by either advancing the press handle or actuating the air gun. The tools are available with a flush setting for driving pins flush with the mating surface or with a non-flush setting for driving pins to protrude above or recess below the mating surface. The standard design is focused around installing SPIROL’s Coiled Pins; however, custom tools are available for installing Slotted Pins or Solid Pins. Punches, springs and other replacement parts are available from stock.
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Technical Specifications

Product Category Chucks
Product Number CXE
Product Name Pin Driving Chuck
Chuck Type Pin Driving Chuck
Chuck Geometry Round
Jaws NA
Clamping Force 200 to ? lbs (90.7 to ? kg)
Length 8.6 inch (218 mm)
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