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Xenon Lamp Power Supply - XPS150 - Solar Light Company, Inc.
Glenside, PA, USA
Xenon Lamp Power Supply XPS150
Precision current source for xenon arc lamps from 50 to 150W of power. FEATURES The XPS150 is power regulated and power limited to simplify operation. A single front panel knob determines the powerr setting for the lamp. A front panel connector supports the PMA DCS option and provides user access to 24VDC shutter control Internal ignition counter stops the automatic ignition cycle after approximately 5 attempts. An external fault loop is used to provide thermal shutdown in the event of a lamp overheating or the fan failing. The fault loop circuit provides an intrinsically safe, normally closed circuit for remote sensing elements such as interlock switches, thermal switches or vacuum sensors. The system will not restart until the lamp enable switch is reset. The power supply senses a lamp's end of life condition and will shut down when the lamp voltage exceeds 30VDC Output is short circuit protected and "arc to ground" protected. The power supply chassis is internally protected with a thermal shutdown feature if the internal temperature exceeds 90 °C
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  Solar Light Company, Inc.
Product Category Power Supplies
Product Number XPS150
Product Name Xenon Lamp Power Supply
DC Output Power 125 to 150 watts
Input Frequency 50 to 60 Hz
Form Factor Desktop / Free Standing
Operating Temperature 5 to 50 C (41 to 122 F)
Type AC Power Source; AC/DC Converter
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