Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings Surface Tolerant Epoxy Coating Macropoxy® 80


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Surface Tolerant Epoxy Coating Macropoxy® 80
Reduce Surface Prep Costs With New Sherwin-Williams Macropoxy® 80 HAPs-free, surface tolerant epoxy coating resists corrosion in multipurpose industrial applications CLEVELAND (January 24, 2012) – Sherwin-Williams has added a new product to the Macropoxy family of versatile, high performance coatings – Macropoxy® 80, a high-build HAPs-free epoxy formulated for application over marginally prepared steel substrates and damp surfaces. The coating combats corrosion from both immersion and atmospheric exposures and can be applied at temperatures as low as 0o F (-18o C). A modified phenalkamine epoxy, Macropoxy 80 is recommended for use on water and wastewater tanks as well as structural steel, pipe, tanks and equipment in numerous industrial applications. Because of its surface tolerance, Macropoxy 80 can be applied in adverse conditions, and steel substrates need only to be cleaned of loose paint or rust per SSPC SP2-3 Hand and Power Tool Cleaning before application. Its high solids formulation (80%) reduces the likelihood of the solvent entrapment that can lead to premature coating failure. “When applying coatings in dampness or cold are factors in your project, Macropoxy 80 is the product for you,” said Narsi Bodapati, vice president of marketing for Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings. “Owners will appreciate the lower surface preparation costs involved.” In addition to being HAPS-free, Macropoxy 80 is low-VOC (<250 g/L) and is available in a semi-gloss finish in red oxide, grey or black.
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Technical Specifications

  Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings
Product Category Industrial Coatings
Product Number Macropoxy® 80
Product Name Surface Tolerant Epoxy Coating
Substrate Metallic; Steel
Industry Marine; OEM / Industrial
Type Coating
Chemistry Epoxy; Resin
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