Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings Epoxy Novolacamine, Flake Filled Coating Cor-Cote® HT FF


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Epoxy Novolacamine, Flake Filled Coating Cor-Cote® HT FF
Cor-Cote® HT FF HI-TEMP COATING is an epoxy novolacamine, flake filled coating formulated for use under thermal insulation at elevated temperatures and for immersion service in water and hydrocarbon commodities such as gasoline, fuel oil, and diesel fuel at ambient and elevated temperatures. Temperature resistant to 450°F, in areas subject to wet/dry cycling Self priming Chemical resistant Resistant to thermal shock Ambient temperature cure High build / edge retention in one coat RECOMMENDED USAGE Steel and stainless steel tanks and piping under insulation Non-insulated structural steel and piping subjected to chemical or abrasion attack Use in areas subject to wet/dry cycling up to 450°F Use in areas where temperature resistance up to 450°F is required (dry service) Suitable for storage of gasoline, fuel oil, diesel fuel, and other similar hydrocarbon cargos Not certified for potable water immersion Water and wastewater facilities
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Technical Specifications

  Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings
Product Category Industrial Coatings
Product Number Cor-Cote® HT FF
Product Name Epoxy Novolacamine, Flake Filled Coating
Substrate Metallic; Steel
Thickness 0.0090 to 0.0110 inch (0.2286 to 0.2794 mm)
Industry Marine; OEM / Industrial
Operating Temperature 35 to 120 F (2 to 49 C)
Type Coating
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