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Turboprop Engine - TP400 - Snecma
Evry Cedex, Essonne, France
Turboprop Engine TP400
With a 32% workshare, Snecma is the lead partner in the Europrop International (EPI) consortium, which developed and now produces the TP400, a new-generation turboprop engine purpose-designed for the Airbus A400M military transport. The A400M is a four-engine airlifter, capable of carrying a payload of 40 metric tons (88,000 lbf), and used for military or humanitarian missions to carry troops or equipment, as well as providing in-flight refueling capability. The TP400 develops some 11,600 shaft horsepower (shp) and offers world-class standards of dispatch reliability and versatility, all at reduced operating costs. The most powerful turboprop engine in the West, it is a key to the A400M's unrivaled capabilities. This aircraft features extended range because of low fuel consumption and its dual civil/military certification means that it can quickly reach theaters of operation since it doesn't have to worry about overflight authorizations. EPI gives its customers custom-tailored support packages to ensure maximum dispatch reliability, by drawing on the vast industrial resources of its parent companies. Operating thorough EPI, Snecma is in charge of maintenance for components under its responsibility (combustor, high-pressure turbine, FADEC, accessory gearbox), along with engine removal and module disassembly for certain customers. Snecma supplies spare parts, also via EPI, along with online technical assistance, and dispatches special tech reps to air force bases TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Power (hp) 11,600 Compression ratio 25 Length (in) 137.80 Weight (lbs) 4,189 Snecma, a major contributor to the TP400 Drawing on its recognized expertise in military engine cores, Snecma was given responsibility for the development and production of critical high-tech parts on the TP400, including the combustor and high-pressure turbine. Snecma is also in charge of overseeing the integration of other critical parts made by fellow Safran companies: FADEC, the full authority digital engine control (Sagem), the accessory gearbox (AGB) that taps power from the engines to supply energy for other systems (Hispano Suiza), and certain parts in the lubrication system (Techspace Aero). All of these responsibilities give Snecma a 32% workshare on the TP400.
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Product Category Combustion Engines
Product Number TP400
Product Name Turboprop Engine
Engine Type Internal Combustion
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