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Precision Oscillating Head Polishing Machine - LLCD Optical - Precision Surfacing Solutions
Mt. Prospect, IL, USA
Precision Oscillating Head Polishing Machine LLCD Optical
To complement our extensive range of Single and dual face lapping and polishing machines Lapmaster has introduced a new line of precision oscillating head polishing machines. Designated the LLCD series they are, primarily, Microprocessor controlled pad polishing machines specially designed for processing large area glass substrates, they can however also be used as lapping machines. A self aligning swing arm assembly positioned above the polishing surface is mounted to a swivel head work piece pressure plate. Work pieces of varying geometries can be retained by surface tension or vacuum to the pressure plate. The pressure plate is designed to swivel up from the horizontal working position to just past vertical to facilitate work piece loading and unloading. The LLCD series is also offered in a dual faced configuration, processing both sides at once via an oscillating carrier between two rotating plates. The machine consists of a heavy-duty base which houses both the polishing plate and the swing arm drive systems. The Polishing plate has a polishing pad (type dependent on material to be processed) bonded directly to its upper surface. Polishing compound is supplied to the centre of the Top or Bottom or both polishing plates via a re-circulatory pumped system. Water can also be supplied to the same de tination on demand. The work piece pressure plate, which is positioned above the polishing plate, is attached to the swing arm via a selfaligning bearing. Both the stroke and radius of the swing arm are adjustable. This unique combination of rotating plate and oscillating work piece movement ensures : Maximum utilization of the polishing surface. Suppression and elimination of “tracking” effects on the polishing surface. Improved control of polishing surface flatness. Precise optical flatness control of work piece. The LLCD series of machines ability to be set up for use as a lapping or polishing means they can be used for processing large Plano optics including : Calcium, Fluoride, Fused, Silica, BK7, Quartz, Zerodur etc. In addition to processing a wide variety of materials in an extensive range of industries : L.C.D, Faceplates, Silicon Wafers, I.C, Photo masks, Crystalline substrates (Sapphire, Gadolinium, Gallium Garnet etc.), Ceramics, Ferrites, Filter Glasses etc.
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Technical Specifications

  Precision Surfacing Solutions
Product Category MEMS Processing Equipment
Product Number LLCD Optical
Product Name Precision Oscillating Head Polishing Machine
Materials Processed Metal; Silicon; Dielectric or Ceramic; Oxides; Glass Substrates
Type Batch; Continuous Web or Wire Coater; Inline or Semicontinuous
Applications Flat Panel Display; MEMS; Optical Coatings; Semiconductors; Magnetic storage
Vacuum / Pressure Range Elevated or positive pressures (>> 760 torr)
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