Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science Benchtop XRF Analyzer for RoHS EA1400

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Benchtop XRF Analyzer for RoHS - EA1400 - Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science
Westford, MA, United States
Benchtop XRF Analyzer for RoHS EA1400
The new EA1400 benchtop XRF analyzer has speed, accuracy and versatility at its core. With an ultra-sensitive SDD detector, large sample chamber and optimized X-ray detector arrangement, it can be used for a range of applications and is ideal for RoHS regulatory screening. Rapid RoHS analysis The EA1400 is designed for rapid RoHS / ELV and halogen-free analysis. Powerful newly developed technology plus automated features mean you can rapidly and reliably determine whether production components contain hazardous substances. If you are operating a high-volume production facility that must check products for RoHS compliance, the EA1400 could be just what you need. In-production process management Ideal for testing laboratories for incoming inspection and quality assurance the EA1400 can be used by a range of businesses for RoHS screening. The instrument is also optimized for process control and management for many industrial processes, including the production of metals, minerals, glass, polymers and chemicals. For example, the EA1400 can be set up to monitor levels of specific process elements in addition to RoHS analysis. This information is stored automatically, enabling the instrument to spot increasing trends in those elements before they become problematic.
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Technical Specifications

  Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science
Product Category Elemental Analyzers
Product Number EA1400
Product Name Benchtop XRF Analyzer for RoHS
Elements Analyzed Metal / Metalloid; Al (13) to U (92), (Na(11) to U(92) when using Vacuum option)
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