Omnitron Systems Technology, Inc. 1 and 2 Channel Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer iConverter® CWDM/AD


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1 and 2 Channel Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer iConverter® CWDM/AD
iConverter CWDM/AD modules are Course Wave Division Multiplexing (CWDM) Optical Add/Drop Multiplexers (OADM). The CWDM/AD modules add (multiplex) and drop (demultiplex) selected channels, or wavelengths, on both directions of a CWDM common fiber link. Using CWDM/AD modules, network designers can add new access points anywhere on a CWDM network, without impacting the remaining channels traversing the network. Access points can be added to linear, bus, and ring networks, where the dual-direction ring design provides redundant protected architecture. The iConverter 1-Channel CWDM/AD modules multiplex and demultiplex one specific CWDM channel from the common CWDM fiber link. Eighteen models of the 1-Channel CWDM A/D are available to support the Lower and Upper Bands. The iConverter 2-Channel CWDM/AD modules offer the same functions as 1-Channel CWDM/AD modules but for two specific CWDM channels. Models are available to support two specific wavelengths from 1270nm to 1450nm, or two specific wavelengths from 1470nm to 1610nm. The 1 and 2-channel models can be used to transport channels in one direction or in both directions of the CWDM common fiber link. When adding CWDM channels to legacy 1310nm and 1550nm networks such as SONET/SDH, the iConverter Lower Band OADM and Upper Band OADM modules can be used. The Lower Band OADM adds/drops the 1270nm to 1450nm band, allowing either legacy 1310nm services or lower band CWDM wavelengths to be added and dropped from the common fiber. The Upper Band OADM adds/drops the 1470nm to 1610nm band, for legacy 1550nm services or upper band CWDM wavelengths. Multiple CWDM/AD devices can be inserted within a CWDM network. The low energy loss associated with each device minimizes the impact to existing wavelengths in the CWDM network. iConverter CWDM/AD modules can be installed in an iConverter powered chassis with a management module and be managed using Omnitron’s NetOutlook® network management software, third-party SNMP software, Telnet or a serial console port.
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Technical Specifications

  Omnitron Systems Technology, Inc.
Product Category Wavelength Division Multiplexers (WDM)
Product Number iConverter® CWDM/AD
Product Name 1 and 2 Channel Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer
Cable Type Single Mode
Number of Channels 1 to 2
Multiplexer Type Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexer
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