Ofil Ltd. Corona Camera Core DayCor® RANGEReye HD

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Corona Camera Core - DayCor® RANGEReye HD - Ofil Ltd.
Ness Ziona, Israel
Corona Camera Core DayCor® RANGEReye HD
RANGEReyeHD is a corona imager that incorporates a UVc detector and a HD visible camera that enable seeing and recording corona discharges in daylight. Corona, which is invisible to the human eye, can be seen only with bi-spectral UV-Visible corona cameras. RANGEReyeHD is a high definition, highly sensitive bi-spectral corona camera with Ofil’s proprietary DayCor® technology inside, capable of pinpointing corona sources, visualizing them, recording and transmitting in real time to a remote receiver or a monitor. Due to its small dimensions and high performance, RANGEReyeHD fits well into roof mounts and is an excellent choice for fast moving driven inspections of overhead high voltage grid lines. RANGEReyeHD assists in the diagnosis of medium/high voltage systems by locating deficiencies that are related to electrical fields, or caused by bad design, structural & mechanical problems, contamination, eroded insulation, loss of hydrophobicity and other. RANGEReyeHD fits also fixed mounts. Users of RANGEReyeHD benefit from fast results, high resolution video clips, reliable data & pinpointed information, in real time.
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Technical Specifications

  Ofil Ltd.
Product Category Video Cameras
Product Number DayCor® RANGEReye HD
Product Name Corona Camera Core
Operating Temperature -4 to 131 F (-20 to 55 C)
Monochrome / Color Color
Imaging Technology Digital Camera; UV Camera
Length 10.2 inch (259 mm)
Width / Diameter 5.04 inch (128 mm)
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