NOSHOK, Inc. 630 Series Hall Effect Transducer


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630 Series Hall Effect Transducer -  - NOSHOK, Inc.
Berea, OH, USA
630 Series Hall Effect Transducer
The NOSHOK 630 pressure transducer is designed to provide excellent performance and reliability at an economical price. This transducer uses a proven diaphragm capsule with an attached highly stable ceramic magnet that is magnetically coupled to a Hall Effect sensing device. Because it does not use links, levers or any other similar techniques, the nearly frictionless transduction method provides exceptional repeatability, long service life and high reliability. As are all NOSHOK transducers, the 630 is CE compliant, providing significant suppression of radio interference and magnetic interference found in most factory environments. A rigorous inspection is performed on all NOSHOK Series 630 pressure transducers prior to shipment to ensure 100% "out of the box" reliability.

Technical Specifications

  NOSHOK, Inc.
Product Category Pressure Sensors
Product Name 630 Series Hall Effect Transducer
Sensor Technology Mechanical Deflection; Hall Effect
Operating Temperature -20 to 176 F (-29 to 80 C)
Measurement Type Gauge (optional feature); Compound (optional feature); Vacuum (optional feature)
Accuracy 1 ±% FS
Working Pressure Range -14.74 to 300 psi (-10.37 to 211 m H2O)
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