Multiwave Photonics Broadband ASE Source C Band BBS-C-MD-XX-0


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Broadband ASE Source C Band - BBS-C-MD-XX-0 - Multiwave Photonics
Maia, Portugal
Broadband ASE Source C Band BBS-C-MD-XX-0
The C-band broadband source is based on Amplified Spontaneous Emission from a semiconductor diode-pumped Er-doped fiber, and delivers a high spectral density output in the wavelength range 1525 nm 1570 nm. This type of source is well established in several applications like testing of optical communications devices in conjunction with an optical spectrum analyzer, EDFA chain emulation by noise loading, fiberoptic gyroscopes as well as industrial sensing systems, to name just a few applications. Multiwave Photonics has refined the design allowing even higher spectral density by effective suppression of spurious lasing.
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  Multiwave Photonics
Product Category Lasers
Product Number BBS-C-MD-XX-0
Product Name Broadband ASE Source C Band
Operating Temperature 5 to 55 C (41 to 131 F)
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