MultiDimension Technology Co., Ltd. Transverse High-Field USB Magnetometer USB2510T

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Transverse High-Field USB Magnetometer USB2510T
The MDT USB2510A is a single-axis digital magnetometer that is intended for the measurement of magnetic fields aligned perpendicular to the long axis of the rigid probe at frequencies less than 100 Hz. The MDT USB2510A combines a high-field magnetic field sensor with plug-and-play USB data acquisition electronics and software to provide a single-axis digital magnetometer system in a simple low-cost form factor. It is designed such that the user may use it directly combined with the proprietary MDT graphical user interface (GUI), controlled with a terminal emulator program, or integrated into the user’s custom written program. The GUI can be run on desktop computer, a notebook, or a Windows tablet. Additionally, the probe electronics may be reprogrammed by the user using freely available open source Arduino development tools. The MDT USB Magnetometer is thus a complete development tool that allows a user a simple means for experimenting with MDT sensors, sensor applications, and developing sensor algorithms. Features: High-Field Sensing Technology; Measurement Range of -30 kOe to 30 kOe; 5 Digit Resolution; Plug and Play USB Interface; Powered from USB Bus; Graphical User Interface; Command Line User Interface; Manual Range Selection; Adjustable Filtering and Averaging; Simple Zeroing and Calibration; Customizable Linearization; Documented Programming Interface; Reconfigurable Hardware; Manual and Automatic Triggering Applications: High Field Laboratory Measurements; Automated Data Acquisition and Control; Materials Research; Non Destructive Testing; Magnetic Object Tracking; Sensor Algorithm Development; STEM Education; Hobby and DIY
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Technical Specifications

  MultiDimension Technology Co., Ltd.
Product Category Magnetic Field Instruments
Product Number USB2510T
Product Name Transverse High-Field USB Magnetometer
Device Type Magnetometer
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