Mueller Company Super Centurion 250™ Fire Hydrant


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Super Centurion 250™ Fire Hydrant -  - Mueller Company
Chattanooga, TN, USA
Super Centurion 250™ Fire Hydrant
• PRESSURE RATED: standard max. working pressure 250 psig (1725 kPa, 17 barg), optional 350 psig (2400 kPa, 24 barg). Test pressures 500 psig (3450 kPa, 35 barg) and 700 psig (4800 kPa, 48 barg) respectively. • HOLD-DOWN NUT - with integral weather seal. Design discourages unauthorized removal of the holddown nut or bronze operating nut. Resilient wiper seal between holddown nut and operating nut prevents water entry to protect operating nut from freezing. Wiper seal material is resistant to ultra-violet ray deterioration. O-ring seal provides second level of protection. • ANTI-FRICTION WASHER - Acetal washer on std. 250 psig hydrant; roller bearing on opt. 350 psig – helps assure easy operation for life of the hydrant. • OIL FILLER PLUG - permits quick check of oil level. Lets you add oil without removing bonnet. • OIL RESERVOIR O-RING SEALS - seal oil in, water out. • STAINLES STEEL SAFETY STEM COUPLING - pulls free if hydrant is hit by a vehicle preventing damage to the stem and main valve. Coupling will not break into pieces that could drop into lower barrel and affect valve operation. Top of lower stem is below the top of the lower barrel so that a tire cannot depress the stem and open the main valve. Repair is easy and economical. • SAFETY FLANGE - breaks cleanly to help prevent barrel damage, yet is strong enough to withstand normal handling. Allows economical repair, adding of extension section, rotation or changing of upper barrel without digging or water shut-off. • BRONZE UPPER VALVE PLATE - conical design for smooth flow. • DRAIN VALVE FACINGS - specially designed, long-life facings provide effective sealing. • CAST IRON CAP NUT -retains main valve. Seats against cap nut gasket to prevent corrosion of stem threads. Locked in place by a stainless steel lock washer. Mueller HP Epoxy coated for durability. Manufactured under one or more of the following: U.S. Patent No. 4,717,178; 4,842,246. • SHOE DESIGNED FOR MAXIMUM FLOW AND EASY CONNECTION - with its smooth transitional contours, extended neck and integral antirotation pads, allowing use of standard tee-head bolts. The inside of the shoe is covered with MUELLER HP® Epoxy Coating. This thermosetting epoxy forms a tough corrosion-resistant barrier to chemicals, physical impact and electrical currents. • MEETS OR EXCEEDS all applicable requirements of ANSI/AWWA C502 Standard and UL 246 and FM 1510 specifications. • O-RING SEALS AT BONNET, GROUND, AND SHOE FLANGES - for better leak resistance, easier maintenance. • SEALED OIL RESERVOIR - O-ring sealed to prevent leakage. Provides positive lubrication of stem threads and bearing surfaces each time the hydrant is operated. Filled at the factory. • FULL FLOW OPENINGS - large radius hose and pumper openings produce low friction loss. • FIELD REPLACEABLE HOSE AND PUMPER NOZZLES - O-ring sealed. Threaded in place and retained by stainless steel locks. Nozzles are easily replaced. • ELECTRO-GALVANIZED BOLTS AND NUTS - provide corrosion protection. • NON-KINKING CHAINS - heavyduty chains are securely attached to the hydrant. Special chain loop permits free turning of the cap. • BRONZE SEAT RING - threaded into drain ring and O-ring sealed. Seat ring is easily removed or installed from above ground. Each time main valve is opened or closed, double drain valves force-flush both drain valve openings to keep them open for effective barrel drainage. Bronze drain valves are integral parts of main valve assembly. • PATENTED REVERSIBLE, COMPRESSION-TYPE MAIN VALVE - closes with pressure for positive seal. Rubber material has long service life, yet is reversible providing a convenient spare in place – 350 opt. includes reinforced main valve for higher pressure holding capability (both main valves are interchangeable).
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