MOXTEK, Inc. Wire-Grid Polarizing Beamsplitter ProFLux® PBS02 Series


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Wire-Grid Polarizing Beamsplitter - ProFLux® PBS02 Series - MOXTEK, Inc.
Orem, UT, USA
Wire-Grid Polarizing Beamsplitter ProFLux® PBS02 Series
Moxtek® Nanowire® Technology beamsplitters offer wide angular aperture, excellent performance, and exceptional reliability offering engineers more design options. Recommended uses include polarization recovery and pre-polarization in all liquid crystal projection displays, and as the imaging beamsplitter for certain single panel LCOS and near eye display architectures. PBS02 Beamsplitter The PBS02 beamsplitter provides exceptional image contrast and uniformity. Moxteks beamsplitters are a natural fit for any application that requires long service life, exceptional contrast, large angular apertures, and high light intensity or brightness.
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Technical Specifications

  MOXTEK, Inc.
Product Category Plate Beamsplitters
Product Number ProFLux® PBS02 Series
Product Name Wire-Grid Polarizing Beamsplitter
Thickness 0.6300 to 0.7700 mm (0.0248 to 0.0303 inch)
Beamsplitter Incidence 45° Incidence
Coating Type AR Coating
Beamsplitter Type Polarizing
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