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Hipot Tester - 7630 - Microtest Corporation
Xizhi Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan
Hipot Tester 7630
Standby screen display the current test mode: Message “ACW” for AC voltage testing, “DCW” for DC voltage testing, “IR” for insulation impedance testing, and readings of the voltage, current (resistance in IR mode), and test time of the measurement output port now. It displays the current voltage and test time settings if no test is running now. Mounted 8/16 channels expansion box saving space for production line and increasing capacity. Features 2 Channels Graphic LCD Built-in programmable PLC remote control interface Built-in discharge circuit AC/DC hipot and insulation test Arcing detection Built-in RS-232 and USB Device Adjustable ramp time True RMS measurement circuit
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Technical Specifications

  Microtest Corporation
Product Category Hipot Testers
Product Number 7630
Product Name Hipot Tester
Types of Measurements Arc Detection / Tracking; Insulation Resistance; AC/DC Selectable
DC Current Out 1.00E-7 to 0.0050 amps
Input Voltage 115 - 120 VAC; 220 - 240 VAC; 90 ~ 264 V
AC Current Out 1.00E-7 to 0.0310 amps
Weight 30.87 lbs (14 kg)
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