Marion Process Solutions Momentum Series Mixer Lump Breaker

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Momentum Series Mixer - Lump Breaker - Marion Process Solutions
Marion, IA, United States
Momentum Series Mixer Lump Breaker
Some mixes start with fine particles, but others contain ingredients that are clumped or too large for the desired mix textures. The Lump Breaker mechanically breaks agglomerates and clumps and grinds solids to a maximum size for further processing. Marion's Lump Breaker uses a rotating beater assembly which grates materials through a perforated screen, eliminating oversized particles. The output of the Lump Breaker may come before or after a mixing process, or be used as a stage before fine milling. The Lump Breaker adheres to Marion's strict safety and sanitary standards and can be used for food, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals and other applications. When breaking down particles, the Lump Breaker provides a consistent output, with a narrow particle size distribution and minimal generation of fine particles. The machine operates in a continuous fashion for high throughput. A variety of customizations are available for different applications and industries.
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Technical Specifications

  Marion Process Solutions
Product Category Industrial Mixers
Product Number Lump Breaker
Product Name Momentum Series Mixer
Mounting Floor Mounted
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